Thermal indication Paint TSP-M02

TSP irreversible thermal indicator paint is used to control and measure the temperature of heated surfaces. It has up to 7 temperature transition points, is easy to use and covers a wide temperature range of experiments — from 160°С to 1150°С (refer to the table below to see the relevant ranges for different paint models). The paint is based on temperature sensitive pigments such as cadmium sulfide and xylene.


Number of color transition points: 2 to 7
Temperature ranges: 160 to 1150°C
Application method: brush or sprayer
Curing method: 30 minutes at 220°C or 24 hours at room temperature
Packing: 500 ml bottle
Shelf life: 24 months


Item Bottle volume, lTemperature range, °CNumber of color transition points
Thermal indication Paint TSP-M030.5160, 193, 245, 302, 346, 3856
Thermal indication Paint TSP-M020.5490, 615, 630, 827, 865, 905, 9257
Thermal indication Paint TSP-M130.5100, 1602
Thermal indication Paint TSP-M140.5110, 1482
Thermal indication Paint TSP-M070.5935, 1025, 1075, 11504

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