STN series






Most common type of bondable high-temperature wire strain gages for static and dynamic loads in the temperature range up to +900°C. Sensitive grid of the gage is made of 20…30 um diameter nickel-chromium alloy wire. Sensitive grid is fixed on the temporary backing, possible in two variants: filter paper or fiberglass-reinforced PTFE. Lead wires are made of ribbon or flat wire with 0.07…0.15 mm diameter. Material of the lead wires correlates with the sensitive grid material and also nickel-chromium based.


Maximum operating temperature:900°C
Description: Wire high temperature strain gages, made of Ni-Cr alloy.
Features:Bondable high-temperature wire strain gages are dedicated for measurements of deformations in the details of machinery and equipment.
Uses:Recommended for high temperature measurements for engine and turbine tests
Strain Type:Static and dynamic
Gage Resistance (nominal):120 Ohms
Length of sensitive grid (mm):1.7-5.5
Lead Wire/ Length/ Type:Ni-Cr /45 mm / ribbon or flat
Backing:Filter paper or fiberglass-reinforced PTFE


Strain gage configurationDesignationNominal resistance, OhmNominal base length, mmSensitive grid dimensions,
B x W, mm
STN120-1.7AA-A900-N015-45120±31.71.7 х 2.2
STN120-3AA-A900-N015-45120±33.03.1 х 1.6
STN120-5AA-A900-N015-45120±35.05.5 х 2.0

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