Tool for reproducing of deformations at high temperatures

The tool uses graduation beam with constant cross section, which is loaded by the pure bending scheme. The beam deflection meter is positioned on the beam independently from the power unit of the tool.
The tool provides reproducing of deformation from 0 to 3000 ppm of relative strain at temperatures up to 800°C or 1000°C, depending on the material of the graduation beam.
Special positioning system of the beam deflection meter has a precise vertical guide. Thanks to this guide, it ensures measurements reproducibility whilst the meter is lifted up between measurements to minimize thermal impact from the heated beam, and then installed back on the beam. The movable measuring system is balanced to minimize the force effect on the beam.
Heating of the beam is carried out by passing electrical current through it.
Regulation of the set temperature is done by electronic PID regulator, based on the signal from the thermocouple, installed on the beam.


Length of the graduation beam:600mm
Thickness of the graduation beam:up to 8mm
Width of the graduation beam: up to 30mm
Beam deflection measurement base:200mm
Deflection meter resolution:1 or 10 µm (depending on the measuring head used).

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