BQ250 series (250°C)




BQ250 is a Karma alloy foil based series strain gage, supplied on a special phenolic-soaked paper backing. This backing ensures extended temperature range of -269…+250°C along with perfect adhesion properties. Also, due to the flexible backing, BQ250 series gages can be installed on surfaces with complex geometries (small radius curves, thin tubes, etc.). After installation, a proper humidity and moisture protection must be ensured for this series gages, e.g., using our special protective glues.


Temporary backing:Phenolic-soaked paper
Working temperature rang(°C)-269...+250
Grid materialKarma foil
STC codes2, 9, 11, 16, 23, 27, 65
Typical resistance (Ω)120
Resistance deviation in batch≤±1%
Gage factor2.00 ~ 2.20
Gage factor deviation in batch≤±1%
Strain limit2.0%

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