TG series (800°C)




TG series strain gages are produced from iron-chromium-aluminum (Fe-Cr-Al) alloy foil by wet etching process. They are dedicated for the measurements of static deformations and mechanical tensions in the ‑269…+800°С temperature range. Installation of the gages on the test object is done with a special high-temperature ceramic glue, e.g., GT-900.

While using TG series strain gages, temperature compensation is done by connecting the same strain gage in the adjacent branch of the measuring circuit. This allows to reach higher precision of the measurement.

TG series strain gages are shipped on the temporary fiberglass-reinforced PTFE backing, which helps to keep the shape of the gage during the installation process. After installation the temporary backing is removed.

Each lead wire has electric resistance of 10 Ohms. TG gage resistance should be measured at the center of the lead wires (25 mm from the loose end), then the measured resistance will be 350±0.3% Ohm.


Temporary backing:sensitive grid of the high-temperature strain gage is fixed on the 0.8 mm thick fiberglass-reinforced PTFE backing, withstanding temperatures up to +250°С.
Configuration:one-component, two-component
Material of the sensitive grid:Fe-Cr-Al alloy foil
Operating temperature range: -269…800°C
Resistance deviation in batch:<±0.3%
Lead wires:material – Ni-Cr or Fe-Cr-Al alloy;
length – 50 mm;
ribbon or round wire


Strain gage configurationDesignationNominal resistance, OhmSensitive grid dimensions,
L x W, mm
Backing dimensions, L x W, mm
TG350-5AA800-YF50350±0.3%5.02.19 х 7.52
TG350-5AA-A800-YF50350±0.3%5.02.73 х 7.52
TG350-3AA800-YF50350±0.3%3.04.6 х 5.52
TG350-3AA-A800-YF50350±0.3%3.04.6 х 5.52
TG350-3BB800-YF50350±0.3%3.03.18 х 5.52
TG350-3FB800-YF50350±0.3%3.07.72 х 5.79
TG350-3HA800-YF50350±0.3%3.05.53 х 8.16

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