TMB series

TMB series built-in strain gages for testing of the pre-strained concrete.

These gages are used to determine and control the mechanical stress of concrete. Material of the sensitive grid: Constantan or Karma alloy. The length of the sensitive grid is 80 mm or 100 mm. TMB series strained gauges are thermally compensated for concrete.




Sensitive gridEncapsulated in a water-tight housing
Overall dimensions of the protective housing:130 x 17 x 10 mm
Nominal resistance:120 Ohm or 350 Ohm
Outer diameter of the lead wire:5.1 mm
Lead wire core transverse section:1.96 mm2
Wire resistance:no more than 0.056 Ohm/m at 20°C
Normal operating temperature range:-5°С ... +50°С
Limit operating temperatures range:-30°С ... +60°С


DesignationNominal resistance, OhmBase dimensions, mmHeight dimensions, mmLength dimensions, mmWidth dimensions, mm

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